Northern Wales -Llangollen and Wandering Lambs

I fell in love with Wales.  It was an overcast drizzly morning but it didn’t dampen my spirits.  The rugged mountains, friendly people and wandering animals captured my heart.


Hills of Northern Walls

As we drove through the hillside we spotted lambs feeding on the side of the road.  They were not afraid of us.  Their gentle nature seemed to mirror the demeanor of the Welsh people.  This one was particularly friendly….

Northern Wales

Northern Wales

We stopped in the town of Llangollen.  From the road I spied this lovely walking path.

Walking Path in Llangollen Northern Wales

Walking Path in Llangollen Northern Wales

Complete with lake.

Lake in town of Glyndrwr, Northern Wales

Lake in town of Llangollen , Northern Wales

The plan was to take the Llangollen Railway to view the scenery.   Since it was foggy, we opted to drive on.  I’m glad we did.  It gave us more time to experience the towns and people of this beautiful country.


Llangollen Wales – one of the train stops to view Snowdonia

We shopped, we ate scones in a quaint eatery and, after an hour or so we left this town knowing we would be back one day to sample the Railway.

Next stop – the town of Ruthin.  We had reservations at Ruthin Castle for tea.  Have you had Tea in Great Britain?



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