Jetblue Has Made Me Blue

I have been an avid Jetblue fan for many years.  I just love how they name their planes, the no baggage fees and their friendly staff .  Ah but alas, the love affair has ended!  It took some probing on the phone to figure out their new “categories” did not include extra leg room.  Jetblue has eliminated extra leg room AND has added the BAGGAGE fee.  Why Jet Blue?  Why when you STOOD OUT would you take a step back and become the NORM?

Jet Blue claims they still have the most room in coach.  In a world where your knees are up against the seat in front of you, being the best in the category does not impress me.  I could live with the baggage fee but don’t mess with my leg room!

Jetblue seats

When given the choice recently on a trip from New York to California, I chose a different airline with the leg room feature.  I am still in mourning and probably will be for some time.  I guess I will need to buy my blue chips before boarding a different airline.

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