Hotel L’Orologio – Time Heals All Wounds… Check Out the Secret Bathroom

Our family had just experienced a devastating loss.  My daughter Jenn and I had a trip planned which we cancelled (a cruise).  After the funeral I knew we would be in need of some distraction and relaxation.  I booked the Hotel L’Orologio on the Grand Canal in Venice.

We arrived via Ryanair (from Dublin), Bus and then Vaporetto.   Let me say next time we will take a shared transfer and go through Marco Polo, (we did this before) as arriving by bus is anti-climatic and left us off in the ugly part of Venice. (yes there is one – Tronchetto/Piazzale Roma)  Getting the luggage from vaporetto to hotel was a workout because we got lost – yet another reason for a water taxi (get off at Rialto Mercato, go under the arch, turn right on the first street, walk past the Rialto market stands, up one bridge and it is on your left).

When we walked through the door of the hotel, I knew we had made the right choice.  The desk staff was friendly and welcoming, a trait they continued throughout our stay.

Hotel L'Orologio

Hotel L’Orologio, Venice

The chic, modern lobby seemed to somehow blend with old world Venice.  The perfect combination for a mother-daughter trip.  This hotel is right on the canal so, if you decide to stay, book a canal view room.


Lobby and breakfast area of Hotel L’Orologio. The windows face the Grand Canal.

There were two tiny elevators, so no carting luggage up stairs here.  A porter helped us to our room.  The modern sleek design delighted us.   The name of the hotel is clock themed as L’Orologio means the clock in Italian.  Beautiful stained glass clocks decorate the hotel and adorn the doorways to each room.  Our room 104 clock theme had a Nord America theme.

20160512_204416 copy

Beautiful stained-glass clocks adorn each room at the Hotel L’Orologio.

The bathroom was, in our opinion, one of the greatest features of the room.  The shower is twice the size you would expect.  It is shower only but OH what a shower.  The pressure is strong.  It features a rain shower which hangs from the ceiling.  If you prefer a wand, you can switch the water-flow to the wand which unhooks from the wall.  The glass door is a walk in so those with mobility issues will be very happy there is no tub to step over.  There is both toilet and bidet.  I can’t believe neither one of us took pictures of the bathroom – a HUGE apology for that one!  Didn’t pack your slippers?  No worries – they provide you with them (featured image).

The second feature of the room that rocks is the sound proof window and the shutters.  During the day you can look at the canal and, if you would like it complete with sound or prefer fresh air, open the window.  Here is the view from our window…

The view from room 104 Hotel L'Orologio, Venice.

The view from room 104 Hotel L’Orologio, Venice.

At night room service closes the shutters which makes a big difference in the morning when you don’t want the sun in your eyes.  This room is quiet even though much is happening outside on the canal.  Turn down service comes compete with chocolates.  The down comforter makes the bed even more comfortable and inviting.   I requested  extra pillows and it was no problem.  In fact the hotel seemed to sport a no-problem attitude.  This hotel is aces in service.20160508_202244 Plugs for chargers are located in the desk flap.  There are plugs near the bed as well.  I noticed while at the desk they had extra new charges, I not sure if they sell them but good to know they have them.

Lets talk hair dryers.  I have very low expectations when visiting hotels of a hair dryer that actually dries my hair quickly.  My experience is that you plug them in, turn them on and there is barely a wisp of air.  It is always a disappointing experience requiring lots of patience and yet, who wants to pack a blow dryer?  This hotel did not skimp.  I wish I could have brought theirs home with me, it was THAT good.  I could not believe the hefty amount of air that blew my hair oh so dry in no time at all….this has not happened EVER for me.

The key card controls your electric, so ask for two.  There are two buttons on the side of the night tables that turn off lights while leaving TV on.

The temperature of the room is controlled with the wall buttons near the room key slot.  We kept it low at night as the comforter was very warm.  No Do Not Disturb sign on door, rather you hit a different button near the same slot.

The ceiling, is genius.  In this modern room it is the only sign of antiquity.  The white-painted wood  looks salvaged.  Again, the perfect blend of modern design and old world charm.


We tend to live out of our suitcases however, there was plenty of room for hanging clothes and shelves for storage with two big modern closets on either side.  Inside one was the safe and coffee/tea set up.  The safe is high but we found that it could be pushed up to the front, making it easier for us (we are under 5’4) to feel around and make sure we did not leave anything in there.

Breakfast is served off the lobby.  There is an assortment of meats, cheeses, yogurt, breads, cakes, eggs, bacon, croissants, cereals, juices and of course, coffee including cappuccino. Each day I would go down and find a seat with a view of the canal and watch the deliveries come in.  We stayed 5 days.  I would say that if we stayed longer there would have come a day when we would have wanted to eat breakfast out because the choices here did not change much.  However, the food was ample and came included in the price of the room.

Do you want to see the Rialto market?  This hotel is literally steps away from it.  Every day we passed the market on the way to the vaporetto and again when returning at night.

The Rialto market at night.

The Rialto market at night.

There is a bar in the lobby, good to have but somehow, with wine at dinner each night, we did not take advantage.

Hotel L'Orologio Bar

Hotel L’Orologio Bar

The only complaint (it’s a weak one trust me) was availability of  English TV channels.  There were many movie channels in other languages.  Unfortunately the only English channels were news.  There were 4 or 5 of them – all news. We think they could greatly enhance their service if they offered at least one American or British movie channel instead of so many news and financial channels.  In our down time, while resting our feet after a day of walking the city,  it would have been nice to watch a movie or two.  If TV was only Italian, we would have understood, after all we are in Italy but it was such a tease to see movies offered in many other languages.

The last day we discovered a new feature which made this hotel even more spectacular – what I call the Maxwell Smart bathroom in the lobby (remember in the beginning of the show you would see walls moving to the secret office?).  We were waiting for the taxi to the airport and I asked if there was a bathroom in the lobby.  They directed me to an area but I could not find it.  Finally one of the staff instructed me to press a button on the wall.  The brick wall started to move and there it was, the doors to the bathrooms.  Then, this gorgeous bathroom hidden in the walls of this beautiful hotel.

This hotel is not cheap but if you want to splurge, be pampered by a gracious and welcoming staff, watch the world go by on the Grand Canal,  view Ca D’oro from your room window, stay in a great section of the city and start to heal from a devastating blow, I highly recommend the Hotel L’Orologio.


– Sestiere San Polo – Riva de L Ogio 1777 – 30125 Venezia
– TEL: + 39 041 2725800
– FAX: + 39 041 2725899

Note:  There is also a Hotel L’Orologio in Florence so double-check when booking to assure you have the correct one.  You may also find the best rate booking directly with the hotel (we did).

I am not affiliated with this hotel or making any money from this post/recommendation.

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  2. Lisa …another great review…I’m saving this one….haven’t made it to Venice yet but this looks like a great place to stay.

    • It is so romantic too – would make a great destination with the hubby. This was our second time and we absolutely love it. It was much different to stay in Venice than to be on a cruise ship docked in Venice – whole different experience.