Five Gifts for Travelers – #5 Rocked My World!

What to buy a travelista?  Well there are some great gifts for travelers this year.  Lets get started:

1-  Kickstarter Travel JacketKickstarter website features items that inventors want to market.  In order to get money for their marketing campaign they ask people to invest.  If the campaign achieves their financial goals, they market the product and investors get first dibs.  The campaign is discontinued if it does not raise the money needed, investors lose no money.  I recently invested in this awesome travel jacket and I’m waiting for it to be delivered:

I’ll let you know what I think on my next trip when I road (or airplane) test this bad boy!

2 – Go Pro – a must for the adventure lover.  This water-resistant video camera can attach to a helmet or a chest belt.  Choose from the basic model at $299, Silver at $399 or Hero 4 Black at $499

go pro

3- Luggage – the choices are endless.  I prefer Samsonite.  Why?  Well I considered changing recently when I went looking for a carry-on.  I was the woman wheeling different carry-ons all over the luggage department.  None of them felt as well made as Samsonite. I bought the baby to the bigger checked luggage I have owned for many years.  If you decide on luggage,  this link will get you free shipping .


4 – Mophie – this is a battery pack your phone wears.  The downside is that it can make your phone heavier.  The upside is that it extends the life of the phone by 8 hours AND it is already on the phone (For me to remember a separate battery charger is not happening).


5- Packing Cubes – with doubt, curiosity and low expectations I approached the packing cube arena.  I ordered a few in different sizes and waited for my next trip!    Well, to make a long story short, they rocked my travel world!  I put pants in one cube, shirts in another, underwear in another, etc.  They are not expensive and come in many varieties, making this a win win gift.  You can get free shipping and view an array of packing cubes including the ones I have by clicking here.


Do you have a favorite item you cannot do without while traveling?  Let me know and I’ll include it in Part II of Gifts for Travelers.


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    • Thanks yes I just received mine – will be wearing it this winter.