Cicchetti Tour in Venice’s Jewish Ghetto

I booked this tour with no expectations.  It started in the early evening.  Quite frankly I did not think we would be able to find the meeting location.  Let me let you in on a well kept Venetian secret… the reason everyone says getting lost in Venice is magical is because most of the time is spent LOST AND Venice is a magical place.  Actually getting lost…not magical. Back to the tour…

Cicchetti are the Venetian appetizers served in many bars and restaurants.   They bridge the gap between lunch and dinner and are usually the food of happy hour.

We found the meeting place and IN time.  Our tour guide was easy going and knowledgeable.  As we walked the streets she answered questions and gave us a brief explanation of our first stop…. Timon Osteria located in Cannaregio, in the neighborhood of Strada Nuova.  We picked from the assortment and each was delicious.

Timon Osteria, Venice

Timon Osteria, Venice

The tour was small.   There was a family with a daughter in her early twenties, a few couples and my daughter and I.  Along with the cicchetti we picked our wines – each better than the last.

Many of the restaurants are known for a certain type or types of cicchetti.  My favorite was the fried fish of Osteria ‘Ai Osti.  This bacaro knows how to cook seafood!


After a nice wine pairing and some good conversation our group took a leisurely walk through the historic Jewish Ghetto of Venice and our guide led us back to the meeting point.

Planning a trip to Venice?   I would urge you to try a cicchetti tour.  This tour took us to neighborhoods and sites we would not have found on our own and introduced us to some nice people and really good eats.


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