7 Ways To Save For Travel

Most people who travel are not made of money.  We have made travel a priority.  I get asked all the time how I can afford to travel.  Here are some more money saving ideas to put cash back in your pocket for those trips!


The EASIEST way I have found to save money if you shop online.  You just install it to your computer and watch the checks flow in.  Whenever you buy something online you will see the ebates icon pop up.   Click on it and save.  I was skeptical at first … until I got my first check.


Honey is a site you download and it searches the web for the best coupon code when you check out.  The other day it saved me $25.00!


This website allows you to link your frequent shopper cards to its site.  You pick the coupons you would like to use and when you get to the cashier, they come off automatically!  Effortless.


This site allows you to collect points to earn gift cards.  They have three ways you can do this.  First you can scan when you enter one of the stores listed.  Second you can scan one of the products they request.  Third, if you buy the products listed and scan the receipt you earn more points.


I subscribe to travelzoo because they comb they internet finding some good deals to great places.  It is one of the ways I stay on top of prices and get ideas for where my next destination may be.


It’s where we go to find cruise prices.  Rarely do we find a cheaper price anywhere else.

Travel Credit Cards

Pay your bills with a credit card that earns you travel miles and you will get to your dream vacation free.  All my bills are paid with one of these cards.  I have had many free flights.

I hope this helps you to start planning that vacation!

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