Mykonos Town and St. John’s Resort


Mykonos, Greece

Before going to this beautiful Island I read up on things to see and do.  There were windmills and churches and various smaller things that would probably have taken ½ day to see plus the town of Mykonos and shopping.  Knowing my daughter and myself and our itinerary We guessed that we would be ready for a relaxing beach day.  We guessed right.  On the cruise websites I learned that there were only a few cabs in all of Mykonos and that bus or tour would be the two options.  We also learned about St. John’s Resort Day Pass.

St. John’s is a beautiful resort a little out-of-town (15 minutes) with a gorgeous view, an infinity pool and a private beach.  They have a day pass which includes meals and massages depending on the one you pick.  We opted for both.  We waited at least 10 minutes to get picked up.  A very nice tour guide called the resort for us to make sure they were coming, they were on their way.  We were picked up along with another couple and whisked away to paradise.

Upon arrival they check you in, give you a map of the hotel and the rundown of where to find everything.  A driver took us down to breakfast and dropped us off.  Breakfast was a buffet with enough food choices to satisfy anyone.  I opted for an egg omelette, made to order, fruit and a waffle.  They had a machine that squeezed fresh orange juice – it was good.  We took a seat on the veranda overlooking the pool.  We fed a cat passing by (there are cats all over Europe).


After breakfast we grabbed some towels and chairs and went for a swim in the huge infinity pool.  The pool had a bridge which led down to the beach.  After we had our fill of the pool and lounging in the sun we decided to try the beach.  We practically had the beach to ourselves.  Jenn was sorry she missed my email about bringing swim shoes because for the second time this trip she was doing the rock dance.  I had done the rock dance our first beach in Croatia because I forgot my swim shoes in our room, I was not going to be in pain in Mykonos.  I offered to take my shoes off once in and give them to her but she braved her way in.

The ocean here was very wavy, maybe because of the beautiful breeze or some kind of current science we had no knowledge of.  I floated as the water’s gentle currents took me to the right side of the beach.  I had brought a plastic blow-up device so we could float as I am not a strong swimmer and there are usually no lifeguards.  We stayed for a while then decided to make our way back to the pool.  We laughed at the windows we saw in the pool that make it possible to see someone swimming from the walkway.  We had not seen them on the way down.


We lounged until it was time for our MASSAGES!  Jenn was treating me to one.  I had suggested we get it here rather than the cruise ship.  We arrived at the spa early and were led to the showers where we washed off the sand and sun tan lotion and slipped into white robes.  We relaxed until two massage therapists came to get us.  This was one of the best massages I’ve had,  Jenn said the same about hers.

Since we wanted to see Mykonos, we dressed in the dry clothes, then went to lunch.  After lunch the driver would drop us off in town.

After seeing some of the town, I was glad we made the choice we did.  The beaches looked crowded and how much shopping can one do?  (did I really just say that?).  The resort afforded us a relaxed day of pampered bliss, away from the crowds.  We went back to our cruise renewed and ready to take on the next 3 days of Italian ports and early tours.

Tip:  Get a MASSAGE you won’t be sorry!  If you contact St. John’s resort they will send you a form. Fill out the day pass you would like and email it back to them.  They take credit cards.  You can also ask them to drop you off in town.  We bought a return ticket from the cruise ship – the walk is very long and definitely not scenic.  No they are not paying us to say this – we really did have a great time.  Check out the pictures and decide for yourself.